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Is Your On-Line Payment System Safe?

Yes. There are two options. You may pay directly with your credit card or choose PayPal. Both of these payment methods are safe.

How do I pay for the rental apartment?

A deposit of $50/$100 is required in order for us to confirm the reservation. This can be done with your credit card by making a direct online payment or you may do so via PayPal. The balance should be paid on arrival for the duration of your stay. Payments in US Dollars,Euros,Sterling or local currency. You may also pay on arrival with your credit card. Please see Apartment Reservation page for details.

How much deposit should I pay?

Studio and 1-bedroom apartments require a $50 deposit. Larger apartments require a $100 deposit. For stays of ten days or longer (in any apartment) a $100 deposit is required.

Can you confirm my reservation without payment of a deposit?

No. A deposit is required in order to receive a booking confirmation.

When do I pay the balance?

This should be paid on arrival in cash. We accept Hrivnas or Dollars, Euros, Sterling at current exchange rates. You may also pay by credit card when you check in.

Can I pay the full amount in advance?

Yes you can do so with PayPal or directly with your credit card.

What is included in the cost of the accomodation and are there any extra charges?

The apartment is cleaned; bed linen/towels changed on a weekly basis. Additional cleaning is available on request. There are no other charges.

What is your cancellation policy if I cancel my accommodation?

21 days' notice of cancellation is required. If you don’t show up the deposit is retained. If you change your reservation dates your deposit will be valid for the new dates . Otherwise the deposit will be retained.

Can you collect me from the airport?

Yes, in fact we strongly advise this. It is fair to say that a foreigner arriving in Odessa, Ukraine for the first time may be taken advantage of. This could involve being considerably overcharged by your taxi driver or perhaps even worse. Just advise us of your exact arrival details,ie the airline you are traveling with and the flight number and we will have an English-speaking driver there to meet you to take you to your Odessa accommodation. This is a free courtesy service provided by OdessaRentaFlat. (Please note that this free service is provided between the hours of 08.00 and 18.00 Monday-Saturday for stays of five days or more and also applies to Bus and Train stations. Transfers outside of these hours and rental periods are available for a fee of $30.).

What are the check in/out times?

Check in:14.00. Check out:12.00

What if I don`t like the apartment?

In the unlikely event of this being so we will offer you an alternative the next day.

I have a return flight that departs in the evening. Is late check out available?

ORF will endeavor to assist you in any way we can. Late check in and check out is available if the rental apartment is not reserved for another guest, for either the proceeding or the following day.

Can I make a reservation to rent a particular apartment?

Yes provided your stay is for more than two nights and of course a request is dependent on availability of an apartment. Please see Apartment Reservation page for details.

I usually stay in one of the Odessa hotels when I travel. Why should I consider an apartment?

When you stay with ORF, you stay in a modern rental apartment in the very center of town, where your privacy is assured and all at a fraction of the cost of staying in an Odessa hotel. ORF also offers you the option of having your refrigerator stocked with groceries prior to arrival. In addition we offer computers with free high-speed internet, free dvds,romance tours etc etc. Ask yourself does your Odessa hotel supply these services?

This is my first trip to Ukraine. Is Odessa safe and are your rental apartments in safe areas?

All ODESSA RENT A FLAT apartments are located in safe and secure locations in the center of town. In many cases entry to the apartment building is by coded combination. Entry doors are steel plated. For your added security each ORF apartment has it’s own safe that you can set to your own personal combination (It should be noted that Odessa is a safe town. In all my time in Ukraine I have never had a problem with personal security. Just exercise caution late at night, use your common sense and you’ll be fine).

Can you advise me on how I will pay for goods and services during my stay in Odessa?

Paying for your Odessa apartment: You may pay the full amount in advance by credit card. Alternatively, you can pay in cash on arrival in US Dollars, Euros or Sterling at current exchange rates, or in Hrivnas. Everyday expenses should be paid for in Hrivnas, Ukraine`s National Currency. The current exchange rate is approx 5 Hrivnas to 1 US Dollar. It is not advisable to offer Foreign Currency, such as Dollars or Euros in shops and restaurants, as either this will not be accepted, or if it is then you are likely to be offered an unfavorable exchange rate. Increasingly now in Odessa, many shops and restaurants accept credit cards. The best option is to use one of the many ATM`s in town. These are a reliable, safe and convenient way of obtaining cash night or day. The majority dispenses Hrivnas with a small few giving out US Dollars.

I have heard of Odessa’s famous Opera House. Can you purchase Opera tickets for me in advance of my arrival?

Yes we can purchase tickets for the Opera House and have them waiting for you at your apartment when you arrive. Simply advise us of your preferred dates and we can email you the current program. There is a $20 charge for this which should be paid in advance together with the cost of the Opera tickets.

I wish to rent a car in Odessa. Can you arrange this for me?

Yes we can make arrangements to have a rental car available for you during your stay in Odessa. You should specify the type of car you require and the duration for which you wish to rent the car. Upon arrival all you will need to do is sign the relevant car rental forms. An advance booking deposit of payment of $100 is required.

Do I need a Visa to enter Ukraine?

Citizens of the US, Canada, the EU, Switzerland and Norway may enter Ukraine without a Visa and stay for up to 90 days.

I am Australian and need Visa support. Can you assist with this?

Yes we can and have assisted many clients with this in the past. Details available on request.

Which countries can I telephone for free?

You may call to Europe, the US and Canada for free. You may call to other countries for a modest tariff.

Can I call direct from the apartment or must I phone from your office?

You may make direct dial telephone calls from your apartment. It is not necessary to do so from the office.

Can I make local calls for free from the apartment?

Yes you can.

Can I personally receive local and international telephone calls at my apartment?

Yes you can. Calls are not routed thru our office but instead come direct to you. These calls are also free of charge.

How do I make reservation?

Click on the link for the apartment that you want Then click on the link that says "Reserve Now" Choose the deposit amount from the drop down menu. Where it says “Payment Method” you can either choose "Visa/Mastercard" for making a DIRECT payment with your card or “PayPal” for processing with PayPal. When you have completed the form you should click “Go” This will take you to the payment page for the deposit amount and payment method that you have chosen. On receipt of your booking and deposit we will send you your booking confirmation.

How much deposit should I pay?

For stays of 10 days or less, Studio and 1 Bedroom apartments require a $50 deposit. Two and Three bedroom apartments require a $100 deposit. For stays of more than 10 days the deposit is $200.

When should I pay the DEPOSIT?

You can pay this when you make the reservation. If the apartment you requested is available we will send you the booking confirmation. If it is not available we will offer you an alternative. If you do not like any of the options offered to you we will refund your deposit within 24 hours. OR you can pay the deposit after we confirm availability to you.

When do I pay the balance?

You may pay this on arrival. You can pay with Hrivnas or with, Dollars, Euros or Sterling at current exchange rates. You also have the option of paying with your credit on arrival. You may even if you wish, pay the balance online prior to arrival.

What is your cancelation policy?

Where one month or more cancellation notice is given the full deposit will be returned. If new dates are requested,the deposit will be valid for those dates subject to availability. Deposits will be retained where less than 21 days’ notice is given.

Currency exchange / ATM's in Odessa

Changing money and withdrawing cash in Odessa is very easy.Apart from the banks there are many Foreign Exchange kiosks (Obmen Valut) in the town where you can easily exchange Dollars,Euros and Sterling to local currency at reasonable rates.There are also a great many ATM's where you can obtain Hrivnas.These are a reliable,safe and convenient way of obtaining cash night or day.In addition it is worth noting that many retail outlets in Odessan accept credit cards.

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