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Cultural heritage

From times immemorial the place chosen by the founders for laying the foundation of Odessa was a meeting for many nations and cultures. This land remembers kingdoms of the Steppe, ancient harbors and fortresses medieval rulers. Unique objects of art and treasures of times long gone as well as traditions of sponsorship gave birth to rich collections of Odessa museums.

This city by itself, its history, the harmony of its architectural ensembles the contribution to the culture of mankind. Acquaintance with Odessa gems of architecture and the glorious names of their creators is still ahead. But even they are just a small part of the cohort of outstanding workers of culture and art who make Odessa memorable to the whole world.

Isaac Babel, Vladimir Zhabotinsky, Konstantin Paustovsky, Yuri Olesha, Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov, Valentin Kataev, Eduard Bagritsky, Vera Inber, Semen Kirsanov, Mikhail Zhvanetsky - it is not just a list of brilliant writers and poets whom the city gave to the world. Each of them uniquely reflected in his or her creative work the traditions of Odessa literary school.

Odessa, where poetry and life, the mundane and the romantic are Inseparable, whose character has been formed in harmony with steppe spaces and white froth of the sea waves, was created as if for the purpose of bringing talented artists, writers, musicians into ie world.... The richest collection of 'lists of the South-Russian school of (Odessa school) famous for the names of Kostandi, Kuznetsov, Nilus, Volokidin, Shovkunenko is kept in Odessa Fine Arts museum. The outstanding musicians of the XX century Emil Gilels, David Oistrakh, Sviatoslav Richter are the brightest representatives of Odessa music school which pedagogical basis was created by professor Stolyarsky. Odessa is a place where Russian and then Ukrainian jazz began. The flowering of this genre is connected with the name of a famous actor, singer and a true Odessan Leonid Utyosov. There is a good reason to why Odessa is a host to the annual international jazz festival.

Odessa was only being built but the theater companies had already appreciated - generosity and responsiveness of the local audience. Since that time the expression "it worked in Odessa" became a synonym of the actor's success. When in Odessa, do not lose an opportunity to pamper yourself by visiting a theater or a concert. Local theaters, museums, the Philharmonic Concert Hall are true shrines of art.

Odessa love of art and her entrepreneurship skills found their realization in the history of cinematography. One of the first film studios in the world began functioning here, a legend of silent movies Vera Kholodnaya many times performed on a theater stage.

A number of well-known films of the Soviet period were made at Odessa film studio. At different times the films of Odessa native-born citizens — script writer Grigori Koltunov, movie directors Kira Muratova and Stanislav Govorukhin — were awarded prizes of the most prestigious film-festivals. In order to somehow finish the inexhaustible subject of Odessa cultural heritage, we will only mention that the brothers Vorners, who became the founders of one of the biggest movie empires in the world "Warner Bros. Studios", were native-born Odessans.


Archeological Museum

Archeological Museum.jpg, 56kB

The oldest museum in the country that emerged on the basis of the private collection of I. Blaramberg back in 1825 and displays unique artifacts of the ancient Greece, collection of ancient Egypt relics the largest in Ukraine. Permanent expositions are "Ancient Egypt "The Golden Chamber", " culture of Scythians and Sarmatians”” A wonderful object for a tour is the edifice that houses the museum built in the Greek classical style by architect F. Gonsiorovsky.

4, Langeron Str
Telephone: 7226302, 7220171
E-mail: arhaeology@farlep.net
Day off — Monday

Local Lore and History Museum

Local Lore and History Museum.jpg, 30kB

It is arranged in the building — monument of architecture of the X century (architect F.Gonsiorovsk The exposition reflects the history the land and of the Northern Black Sea coast development, beginning from the XIV century through modern days. Of a special interest are the rooms of the museum dedicated to the old Odessa, the Great Patriotic War (World War II) to the multinational ethnic flavor of the city and the region.

4, Gavannaya Str
Telephone: 7255202, 7261424, 7228490
E-mail: oikm_solodova@ua.fm
Day off — Friday

The Memorial of Odessa Heroic Defense

The Memorial of Odessa Heroic Defense.jpg, 23kB

It is located in a sea park zone in a place where there was an artillery battery defending the city during the Great Patriotic War (WW II). The exposition under the open sky presents fragments of defensive lines and examples weapons of the city defenders: a submarine, few tanks, an armored train, a street car, by which the reinforcements were brought to the front line. In the building of the museum there are some small arms, archive documents and photographs, some personal belongings of the war heroes.

Dacha Kovalevskogo 150 (Kovalevsky 's countiy house)
Telephone: 401833, 444527
The Memorial is open for everyday visits

Museum of Odessa Sea Port named after F. de Voland

Museum of Odessa Sea Port named after F. de Voland.jpg, 41kB

The history of two peers — the port and the city of Odessa — is presented in the permanent exposition of the museum by a whole gallery of historic materials, photographs and documents.

2, Lanzheronovsky spusk (Lanzheron descent)
Telephone: 7293857
Day off — Saturdays and Sundays

Literary Museum

Literary Museum.jpg, 36kB

In the former count Gagarin's palace the literary fame of the city is presented. Odessa is cherishing the memory of Pushkin, Gogol, Mickiewicz, Lesya Ukrainka, Korolenko, Kuprin, Akhmatova, Bunin, and gave birth to many wonderful writers and poets — Bagritsky, Babel, Katayev, Ilf and Petrov, Olesha ...

In the courtyard of the museum there is a collection of stone sculptures from Scythian burial mounds, I miniature statues of popular characters from Odessa folklore as well as from written works created by Odessa authors.

2, Lanzheronovskaya Str
Telephone: 7223370, 7250173
www.museum. odessa.net/litmuseum
Day off ~ Monday

Literary-Memorial Museum of A. S. Pushkin

Literary-Memorial Museum of A. S. Pushkin.jpg, 121kB

It is in the building of a former inn of the beginning of XIX century, where the great poet used to stay. The permanent exposition "So I lived then in Odessa" introduces Odessa years in Pushkin's life. The pride of the collection is the true things from Pushkin's time and rare editions of his works.

13, Pushkinskaya Str
Telephone: 7251034, 7251134, 7227453
Day off— Monday

Fine Arts Museum

Fine Arts Museum.jpg, 149kB

It represents one of the most significant collections of Russian and Ukrainian art beginning from the XVI century through modern days. The creative legacy of the artists of the South-Russian school of art is represented most thoroughly. The collection is displayed in a fine old mansion built in the beginning of the XIX century in the style of the Russian classicism. Besides the rich exposition and unique interiors there is an underground grotto — a romantic fairy tale of the Naryshkin-Pototsky's palace — which is well preserved and restored.

5-A, Sofievskaya Str
Telephone: 7237287, 7238272, 7238393
E-mail: ofam@tm.odessa.ua
www.museum.odessa.net/fineartsmuseum Day off — Tuesday

Museum of Western and Oriental Art

Museum of Western and Oriental Art.jpg, 53kB

It occupies a palace of the mid - XIX century. Western graphic and applied art — the pictures of Italian, French, Dutch painters, china of the best European factories of the XVIII-XIX centuries is excellently presented here. Among the world class pictures there are masterpieces of Caravaggio, Hals, Magnasko... The art of the Orient (Iran, India China, Tibet, Japan) of the XVl -XX centuries is represented by most valuable collections of weapons, china, ceramic embroidery and pictures.

9, Pushkinskaya Str
Telephone: 7246646, 7224815
E-mail: omwea@paco.net
http://www.museum.in.net.ua Day off— Wednesday

Municipal Museum of Personal Collections of A.V. Bleshchunov

Municipal Museum of Personal Collections of A.V. Bleshchunov.jpg, 32kB

The basis of this unique collection given to the city by a collector A.N Bleshchunov is made up of various mini-collections of decorative - applied art works. The founder was traveling a lot and the exposition of the museum is presented in such a way that touring the museum is like traveling through the difficult of access places on the planet.

Russian icons and laces, early European china, one of the biggest collections of XVIII-XIX cc. fans in the country, rare scrolls, china, enameled vases and lacquered items from Japan and China, oriental hand-made carpets, everyday items from life of Slavic nations are represented in the major sections oft museum— "Buddhist and Islamic East»,» Western Europe»,» Christianity", "Russian antiquity","Ukraine", "Odessica".

19, Polskaya Str
(Polish Str)
Telephone: 7221081, 7250453
E-mail: mmlk@farlep.net
Day off - Wednesday

Memorial House of N.K. Rerikh

Memorial House of N.K. Rerikh.jpg, 192kB

In four cozy rooms of the museum the artistic, cultural and scientific heritage of the Rerikh family is preserved. The collection is based on original canvasses and reproductions of N.K. Rerikh and S.N. Rerikh as well as of their disciples' paintings, unique materials on life and creative works of these outstanding thinkers and cultural workers.

47, Bolshaya Arnautskaya Str, aprt. 2
Telephone: 7155858, 7287756
No days off

Wax Museum

Wax Museum.jpg, 219kB

It offers a meeting with the founders and first governors of Odessa, with the poet A.S. Pushkin, his contemporaries and literature characters as well as some well-known persons from the history of the city.

4, Rishelievskaya Str (Richelieu Str)
Telephone: 7223436
No days off

National University Museums

Geological Museum

It presents a unique collection of the samples of minerals, crystals, rocks from all the continents of the earth, from the bottom of the World Ocean and even from outer space. The entrance is restricted to organized tourist groups.

2, Shampansky lane
Telephone: 633317
Days off- Saturday, Sunday

Zoological Museum

The fauna of the planet is presented here in all the diversity of the earth and the sea dwellers, including such rare exhibits as skeletons of the cetacean. The entrance to the museum is for organized tourist groups only.

2, Shampansky lane
Telephone: 684547
Days off — Saturday, Sunday

Paleonthology Museum

It possesses a unique collection of examples of extinct animals, of fauna and flora.

The pride of the collection are the skeletons of a mammoth, a mastodon, a cave bear, a three finger horse, a fossil camel — all found on the territory of Odessa region and the South of the East- European platform. Access allowed to organized groups, individuals are only admitted from 16.00 to 17.00.

2, Dvoryanskaya (Nobility) Str
Telephone: 7230208
Days off — Saturday and Sunday


Academic Opera and Ballet Theater

Odessa's pride, one of the most beautiful theater buildings in the world will meet you in all its magnificence after full-scale restorations and repair works. The mastery of Odessa opera and ballet artists would be appreciated in any country of the world.

1, Chaikovskogo lane
Telephone: 7801509, 7222230

Musical Comedy Theater named after M. Vodyanoy

Musical Comedy Theater named after M. Vodyanoy.jpg, 53kB

One of the most popular theaters can rightfully be called theatrical Odessa visiting card. The leading figures of the operetta genre have worked and keep working now in it. The theater building is an input of a well-known Odessa architect G. Topuz into the architectural treasury of the city.

3, Panteleymonovskaya Str
Telephone: 7220162, 7244104

Philharmonic Concert Hall

Philharmonic Concert Hall.jpg, 52kB

A gem of architecture became a temple of art. The concerts and guest tours that take place here attract the true lovers of music.

15, Bunina Str
Telephone: 7226349, 7220089, 7258325

Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater named after V.Vasylko

Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater named after V.Vasylko.jpg, 39kB

The theater made an important input into the development of drama art in Ukraine. An imposing building of one of the oldest theaters in Odessa is a home to several generations of famous theater actors and directors.

15, Pasteur Str
Telephone: 7235318, 7232127, 7238027 (ticket office)

Russian Drama Theater

Russian Drama Theater.jpg, 12kB

It is accommodated in a recently restored building — a monument of architecture in the historic part of the city. The repertoire includes classical and modern drama works.

48, Grecheskaya Str
Telephone: 7224504, 7227250

The Clowns' House

The Clowns' House.jpg, 31kB

A unique theater which combined comedy, art of gesture and clownery came into being by initiative of a comic-company "Masks" who are popular in Odessa and beyond. In the repertoire there are performance for children as well as for grown-ups.

23, Olgievskaya Str
Telephone: 7236316, 7778290

Central Theater Ticket Office

28, Preobrazhenskaya Str
Telephone: 7220245

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