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How do I make reservation?

Click on the link for the apartment that you want Then click on the link that says "Reserve Now" Choose the deposit amount from the drop down menu. Where it says “Payment Method” you can either choose "Visa/Mastercard" for making a DIRECT payment with your card or “PayPal” for processing with PayPal. When you have completed the form you should click “Go” This will take you to the payment page for the deposit amount and payment method that you have chosen. On receipt of your booking and deposit we will send you your booking confirmation.

How much deposit should I pay?

For stays of 10 days or less, Studio and 1 Bedroom apartments require a $50 deposit. Two and Three bedroom apartments require a $100 deposit. For stays of more than 10 days the deposit is $200.

When should I pay the DEPOSIT?

You can pay this when you make the reservation. If the apartment you requested is available we will send you the booking confirmation. If it is not available we will offer you an alternative. If you do not like any of the options offered to you we will refund your deposit within 24 hours. OR you can pay the deposit after we confirm availability to you.

When do I pay the balance?

You may pay this on arrival. You can pay with Hrivnas or with, Dollars, Euros or Sterling at current exchange rates. You also have the option of paying with your credit on arrival. You may even if you wish, pay the balance online prior to arrival.

What is your cancelation policy?

Where one month or more cancellation notice is given the full deposit will be returned. If new dates are requested,the deposit will be valid for those dates subject to availability. Deposits will be retained where less than 21 days’ notice is given.

Currency exchange / ATM's in Odessa

Changing money and withdrawing cash in Odessa is very easy.Apart from the banks there are many Foreign Exchange kiosks (Obmen Valut) in the town where you can easily exchange Dollars,Euros and Sterling to local currency at reasonable rates.There are also a great many ATM's where you can obtain Hrivnas.These are a reliable,safe and convenient way of obtaining cash night or day.In addition it is worth noting that many retail outlets in Odessan accept credit cards.

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Apartment ID: 2

Apartment type: 1 bedroom

Apartment area: city centre

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